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The first step to the new you starts with registration on the Get Started page. Here's where you introduce yourself by entering some initial personal details so that we can get to know you better. It’s very nice to meet you.

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Choose the Plan

After saying hello, you will get to choose any plan from the wide range of health programmes that Nourish has to offer. Select the one that best suits your goals.

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Confirm Your Subscription

The final part involves confirming your subscription, which will lead you to the payment page. Post this step, you will get notifications of your subscription status.

Complete Your
Nourish Selfie

Watch the Video

Ping! Confirmation of your subscription gets the first of Pooja’s step-by-step video tutorials delivered directly to your inbox. This short film will help you understand Nourish’s nutritional principles and how they influence your programme and your results.

Your Nourish Selfie

After you’ve watched the video, you will be asked to go to the Your Nourish Selfie page and fill in details about your medical history, family medical history and your current nutritional habits. It’s essential that the information that you provide here is extremely accurate – especially medical history, food intake and your age, weight and height – because it’s hard to prescribe a targeted meal plan without it.

Upload Your
Blood Tests

How’s your body
on the inside?

What if you have high sugar levels? Or elevated cholesterol indicators you didn't know about? At the end of Step 2, you will be given a list of blood tests that you need to take so that we can find out how your body is working on the inside in order to prescribe the right combination of foods for you.

Post Your

You will need to upload the results of these blood tests either via Your Dashboard or by downloading the Nourish Genie App either from the App Store or the Play Store. After completing this step, you can expect your meal plan within 2-3 working days.



Get Your Meal Plan

Ding! Ding! Ding! The Nourish Genie will ping you via text message and email you to notify you of the arrival of your meal plan for the month, which will be delivered straight to Your Dashboard. First-time programme subscribers will additionally receive a detailed video tutorial on how to follow the meal plan.


Use Your Tools

Use the Nourish tools to get over the Finish line. Take full advantage of Pooja’s exclusive one-time instructional videos as well as live access to our trackers on either or the Nourish App to help you follow your meal plan, map your food intake, water intake, exercise, food quota and also to get smart tips on eating out.


Let Us Hold Your Hand

Whether it’s noting an oops in your food diary, a blip in your exercise routine, or just some general motivation to get you back on track, let the Nourish Genie – with her interactive system of online assistance – hold your hand so that you can reach your goals on time.


Stay in Touch

Sign up for live video chats with Pooja to answer your key questions and be in touch with us via emails, messages and more.