What do I have to do to subscribe to Nourish's programmes?

It's a really simple, three-step process. First, register yourself. Second, make the payment and finally, complete your online profile on the page marked Your Nourish Selfie by uploading the results of your blood tests after which you will get your customized meal plan within 1-2 working days.


How will my progress be reviewed?

nourishgenie.com is a self-contained, inclusive space designed to help you reach any health goal to include weight loss, muscle gain and diabetic support. Together with Pooja and the Nourish Genie’s system of apps, emails, texts and reminders, we will be there to support you through this process. 

After you send us your blood reports, your meal plan and start-up kit will be delivered straight to your personal dashboard on the site. We will then be sending you links to videos, which not only include step-by-step instructions on how to follow the programme but we’ll also bung in motivational tips to get you on track and help you stay there. You will also get menu ideas and tips on eating out to help you stay true to your goal.

Additionally, by filling the daily food diary and activity sheet as well as noting your water intake, the Nourish Genie will send you reminders in case you are not following the programme as well as you should. The Nourish Genie will also help you identify nutritional bottlenecks and will suggest how best to tackle them. Even if you want to omit filling up your diary, you will be consistently reminded to send information and note your progress. Help us help you by being both honest and participative.

If you stumble, we will be here to pick you up. If you have doubts, we will be here to answer them. Even if you want to vent and let it all out, we have designed forums to help you gain inspiration from others like you going through the same journey you are.  Through these tools, we will ensure that you will have everything you need to drop-kick your health demons once and for all. 

Welcome to nourishgenie.com and to what we hope will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. 


What can you do on the Nourish Genie app?

Download the Nourish Genie app (Android/iOS) and carry the Nourish Genie with you wherever you go. This sophisticated little helper will be one of the best tools you could ever have by your side to achieve your weight loss and health goals. The app will:
Enable you to input your meal plan for the month to ensure customized tracking
Be the food diary you carry in your pocket so that you can track your food intake for the day as often as you like
Alert you to how much of your food quota you have left in the day
- Track how much water you need to drink for the day 
- Track your activity in the number of minutes exercised
Upload your blood reports and view our healthy Eating Out guide

One of the best parts of the app is that it will remind you if you are going off track with the help of alerts, just like the Nourish Genie does when you fill in your online diary on nourishgenie.com. All you have to do is download it for FREE on your mobile NOW to successfully start the journey to a healthier you. 
The Nourish Genie app.

The Genie in your pocket.


Will the results be as good as coming to the clinic in person?

Sometimes, it may be even better. Clients that are following Pooja’s programme online have to fill in diaries and track their progress through nourishgenie.com or the Nourish Genie app. This opens up the client to an exhaustive system of online support to include reminders, apps, support groups; resources only made available to online subscribers. 


What if I’m a vegetarian?

No problem. Just mention that when you complete your details on Your Nourish Selfie and only customized, strictly vegetarian meal plans will be designed for you.


What if I’m allergic to certain foods?

No problem. Just mention that when you complete your details on Your Nourish Selfie and that will be taken into account when your meal plan is being designed. Do be as specific about your allergies as you can.


Are there any packages for diabetics, high blood pressure patients and those with other ailments?

For sure! Depending on your health goals, take a look at the following programmes that the Nourish team has mapped out for you:

The Nourish Diabetes Genie Programme

Did you know that diabetics can eat rice AND mangoes apart from so many things they thought were banned? The Nourish Diabetes Genie Programme separates fact from fiction, enabling you manage your condition while increasing your appetite for life.  

The Nourish Health Genie Programme

Whether you have high cholesterol or other conditions that need dietary support or generally feel run down and believe that food is the culprit, Pooja will craft a health plan based on your blood reports with a view to mitigating problems associated with unhealthy eating. Because sometimes, the best way to heal yourself is through the plate and not the pill.


Are there any programmes for weight gain?

Yes. The Nourish Weight Booster Programme ensures that if weight gain is your goal, there's no point packing on the pounds if you tack on heart disease, bad cholesterol and diabetes. Gain weight scientifically, healthfully and in beautiful moderation with a customized plan just for you.


What are the different modes of payment?

You can pay by credit card, debit card, cash, cheque or even via netbanking.


Are there any discounts being offered on any of Nourish's programmes?

Nope. Sorry. Prices are fixed.


Is weight loss guaranteed?

Weight loss is the result of many factors in play. When you lose weight, it means that you are eating right, eating carefully, exercising regularly and have no genetic or medical roadblock that is preventing you from dropping those kilos. Depending on the client's lifestyle and diligence in following Nourish's programmes, the results could be quick or take time.


How do I get in touch with Pooja?

If there’s anything you’d like to ask her, you can get in touch by directly messaging her via your dashboard on nourishgenie.com. She will also be available every 20 days during the Open House session – a live video chat with Pooja designed to quickly clear myths and answer queries.


Can I know the nutritive values of my favourite foods?

Yes, you can. In this exciting new feature, nourishgenie.com provides you with the ability to find out the nutritive values of all your favorite foods. Just click on the tab How Healthy Is Your Food? On the nourishgenie.com home page.


How do I maintain my weight after the weight loss programme?

If you think that ice creams, desserts and fried foods are things that will never, ever cross your lips again, relax because you can still have your cake and eat it too. All our weight loss plans – with the exception of the one-month subscription – will also teach you how to maintain your new weight, helping you intelligently combine pastries with pasta and cheese with chapatis. With the right care, you can maintain the weight you have lost, striking the right balance between indulgence and healthy eating.


I have an incredibly busy schedule. Will I be able to follow your weight loss programme?

Consider your busy schedule as something positive – it will leave you less time for mindless munching and binge eating. With just a little bit of organization, you can carry packed food from home thereby pre-empting straying from your meal plan, keeping your food demons at bay. Additionally, our videos on lifestyle behavior modification will further help you effectively lose weight, keeping your busy schedule in mind.


Diets in past have given me dry skin and hair loss. Will I face these problems with your weight loss programme?

At Nourish, we believe in the immense power of food. Meal plans are customised with care, not only keeping your goals in mind but also ensuring that all food and nutritional groups are adequately represented on your plate. Pooja’s systematic, scientific approach is based on your blood reports – your inner workings – and is done to plug any nutritional gaps that you may have. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, the meal plans prescribed for you will be designed to elevate your overall health profile, not depress it.