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For lunches and fun picnics to a laid-back no-cook dinner, sandwiches can pack all the nutrition, taste and convenience in a neat, bread-encased parcel.

Smoked Salmon sandwich:  The very pinnacle of lunchtime perfection.

Filling: Multigrain toasted bread + smear of cream cheese + smoked salmon slices + raw white onion rings + capers.

Boiled egg white sandwich: A complete meal that is healthy, tasty and satisfying.

Filling: Fresh white or whole wheat bread + Dijon mustard spread + lettuce + grated boiled egg whites + coarsely ground pepper.

Paneer jungle : Tastes better on soft, fresh bread. Saves time as no grilling or toasting required.

Filling: Grated cottage cheese + finely-chopped onions + coriander in a panini bread or regular white bread.

Pita-wrapped chicken/paneer gyro : Sumptuous summer time dinner option!

Filling: Grilled chicken or paneer + grilled red and green peppers + onions + dash of fresh parsley + vinaigrette.

Taco pockets : Tangy, spicy and yummy even when cold.

Filling: Pita bread + salsa + dash of sour cream + let tuce + corn kernels (boiled) + boiled chick en/egg whites/tofu + chopped jalapenos. Cucumber and dill sandwich:

Delicious summer cooler sandwich.

Filling: Soft, fresh bread slices + dash of butter + cucumber slices finely-chopped dill + little crumbs of feta cheese.

Turkey sandwich with apple: Juicy, crunchy and full of flavour.

Filling: Whole wheat bread + mayon naise mixed with Dijon mustard as spread + turkey slices (or any cold cut meat slices) + thinly-sliced green/red apple. Alternate the meat and fruit slices, one on top of the other.

Avocado and tomato open sandwich: Fresh burst of healthy antioxidants plus healthy fat.

Filling: Sliced toasted baguette + hung curd spread + sliced tomato + avocado + rocket leaves.

Chicken/paneer tikka sandwich: Grilled bliss.

Filling: Multigrain bread + spread of hummus + onion rings + green pepper juliennes. Serve grilled.

Masala omelette sandwich: Eat it hot or cold. Masala omelette sandwich: Eat it hot or cold.

Filling: White bread slices + egg whites omelette with coriander + tomato + onion + green chillies + fresh coriander, mint and raw mango chutney as spread.
WHITE VS WHOLE WHEAT BREAD Which is healthier? Please note that all breads (other than gluten-free breads) have refined flour a.k.a `maida’ in them; the percentage varies depending on the kind. So, choose what suits the preparation and your palette.
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