Nourish Programmes

The Nourish Eat Delete Weight Loss Programme

Subscribe to Pooja's signature weight loss programme that has helped celebrities as well as thousands of clients achieve their best bodies EVER and lose up to 2-3 kilos per month. Eat to lose. Lose to win.

The Nourish Muscle Fuel Programme

No weight training programme will ever be truly successful without monitoring your nutritional intake. Power your body by using the power of food, nature's ultimate workout fuel.

The Nourish Diabetes Genie Programme

Did you know that diabetics can eat rice AND mangoes apart from so many things they thought were banned? The Nourish Diabetes Genie Programme separates fact from fiction, enabling you manage your condition while increasing your appetite for life.

The Nourish Weight Booster Programme

If weight gain is your goal, there's no point tacking on the pounds if you pack on heart disease, bad cholesterol and diabetes. Gain weight scientifically, healthfully and in beautiful moderation with a customized plan just for you.

The Nourish Weight Maintenance Programme

Keeping it off is sometimes harder than working it off. Nourish's Weight Maintenance Programme has been designed to not only efficiently keep your weight in check but also help sort out your health parameters.

The Nourish Health Genie Programme

Whether you have high cholesterol or other conditions that need dietary support or generally feel run down and believe that food is the culprit, Pooja will craft a health plan based on your blood reports with a view to mitigating problems associated with unhealthy eating. Because sometimes, the best way to heal yourself is through the plate and not the pill.

The Nourish Pregnancy Diet Programme

This is a period where everyone and anyone always has some rules and tips to give the mother-to-be. Don't be fooled with myths and believe every word you hear about what to eat and what not to for that little bundle growing within you. In the The Nourish Pregnancy Diet Programme you will get semester wise detailed, scientific, physiological need based and Pooja's Personal experience based meal plans that help you sail through this phase of deliberate weight gain.

Subscription Packages

1-Month Plan
1 Months Subscription USD 165

Total Price $ USD 165

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3-Month Plan
3 Months Subscription USD 330

Total Price $ USD 330

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6-Month Plan
6 Months Subscription USD 550

Total Price $ USD 550

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12-Month Plan
12 Months Subscription USD 980

Total Price $ USD 980

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