About Us

When we try to get healthy or begin the process of losing weight, we start thinking of food as something to be feared. We begin to cut back, starve or begin to treat what we eat like the enemy. Food gives us life and it is the only fuel we have at our disposal to nurture our bodies and sustain our lives. At Nourish, we teach you not to be afraid of what gives you life because we believe that your body is irreplaceable and the sole purpose of food is to feed, respect and nourish it.

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija's sole purpose is to make you fall in love with food. And if you lose all the weight you had to, get the body you’ve always wanted, restore your health and vitality, reverse grim health parameters and get the glow back on your face along the way then you’ve had your cake. And eaten it too. With a cherry on top.

An MSc in Food Science and Nutrition and a BSc in Dietetics, Pooja has been an independent consulting nutritionist for the last decade and has worked with some of India’s hottest Bollywood stars to include Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar as well as CEOs, sports personalities and more. She has counselled over 15000 clients as well as appeared on a 13-part TV series of her own called The Pooja Makhija Show Her first book Eat Delete went on to become a national bestseller, is in its third edition and has also been published in Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali with an edition in Marathi hitting the stores very soon.

It doesn't matter what your health goal is, Pooja will design customized meal plans based on your unique health parameters so that you can lose weight or fight diabetes, PCOS, heart disease and other conditions armed with the power of food. Pooja’s latest online service – nourishgenie.com – with its system of apps, emails, instructional videos, reminders, food diaries, activity diaries and more delivers your customized meal plan right to your inbox so that you can get off the mark without getting to her clinic. Pooja’s meal plans are always integrated with any pre-existing conditions to include metabolic disorders, thyroid, hypertension and coronary heart disease, and she will only prescribe a nutrition plan once all relevant medical tests have been done and up-to-date medical histories have been established.

At Nourish, you will be taught how to foster a healthier relationship with food, so that you can not only get the fit, healthy body you have always wanted to have, but also claim the life you had always wanted to live.